Fountain (Studio Plumbing) 2017. Water, copper pipes, existing plumbing system. Dimensions and duration variable. MFA Studios, Monash University Art Design & Architecture.
The Beach. Two-part exhibition series with Nicky Broekhuysen. Centrum, Berlin 2016 and Bus Projects, Melbourne 2017.
Communicating Vessels, 2016. Water collected from Roman fountains, silicone, pvc. Dimensions variable. Villa Medici, Rome IT 2016.
Fountain, 2016. Water, silicone, micro-irrigation-system. Dimensions Variable. MFA Studios, Monash University Art Design & Architecture.
Fountains 2016. British School at Rome, Roma IT.
Ruins, 2014. Sandstone, cement mortar, turf. 40.0m x 20.0m x 2.5m. 19th Biennale of Sydney, Cockatoo Island, Sydney AU.
Drawings, 2014. Station Gallery, Melbourne AU.
Improvised Architecture, 2011. Residency, PAF Institute, St.Herme outre Ramecourt FR.
Shelters, 2012 Next Wave Festival. Docklands, Melbourne AU.
New Works, 2010. Blindside ARI, Melbourne AU.
Drawing Machine, 2009. The Capitol Centre, Melbourne AU.