Water, silicone, irrigation system, travertine tiles, sound. Dimensions variable.

British School at Rome Residency, April-June 2016
June Mostra, Curated by Marco Palmieri.

Description: Fountains is an installation based on research into the geological formation of Travertine; a terrestrial sedimentary rock formed by the precipitation of carbonate minerals in ground and surface waters. Travertine is a pervasive feature of Roman monuments, especially fountains, and natural calcifications would often obstruct the flow of ancient aqueducts, while huge quarries in Tivoli produced the blocks for Bernini to carve ‘natural’ rock-formations in his Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi (Fountain of the Four Rivers). The work reduces the fountain to a roof-leak, the gallery re-imagined as underground cavity, in which irregular drips measure both momentary and deep-time, considering the status of the fountain in a drought-stricken country, where each droplet is precious. The sound work was composed from recordings of the sonic frequencies of travertine tiles used in the installation.
Artist Interview