Gutta Cavat Lapidem (The Droplet Hollows the Stone)
2016. Water, silicone, irrigation system. Dimensions variable.
MFA Studios. Monash University Faculty of Art Design and Architecture.
Gutta Cavat Lapidem (The Droplet Hollows the Stone) developed out of a body of work conducted as part of my MFA research. The research aims to produce an artistic methodology to explore the changing relationship between nature and culture using simple materials and a minimal syntax. Originally based on research into the geological formation of Travertine, and Roman fountains, this incarnation tests the language in an isolated and expanded space. Like before, the work reduces the fountain to a roof-leak in the gallery, in which irregular drips measure both momentary and deep-time. It's minimal form describe the limits of our control of nature while considering the status of the fountain in a drought-stricken country, where each droplet is precious.