The Beach

Centrum, Berlin 2016 & Bus Projects, Melbourne 2017. With Nicky Broekhusen (curated by Sarah Davies).
Review: Artslant Berlin
The Beach was a two-part exhibition series of unique works by Nicky Broekhuysen [Berlin] and Joseph L. Griffiths [Melbourne], brought together by Berlin based, Melbourne born curator, Sarah E. Davies. Taking the May ‘68 adage "Sous les pavés, la plage!" [Beneath the paving stones, the beach!], as its starting point, the exhibition critically considers and refigures this binary notion against the current social and material structures, which shape our environment. The artists have imagined ‘the beach’ as an expanded concept, following geological, archaeological, historical, digital and phenomenological lines of inquiry. It is understood both as a symbol of natural and temporal cycles, and as a threshold of transition between nature and culture, surface and substrate, image and information, virtual and physical domains.