Dungudja Mulana Daya (Strong Spirit Here)

2-channel video projection. 30 second looping duration. Dimensions variable.

with Jack Anselmi, Eva Ponting, Lyn Thorpe, and students from ASHE.Collisions: Cross Cultural Collaborations, Shepparton Art Museum. December 2015 - January 2016

Description: Dungudja Mulana Daya (Strong Spirit Here) was the product of my work in the Collisions exhibition; a long-term collaboration between Aboriginal artists from Shepparton and invited artists from Melbourne. The 2 channel video installation recreates the historical image of a hessian screen erected in the significant site known as 'The Flats' beside the golburn river on the outskirts of Shepparton. The screen was erected in 1954 on the occaision of the queen's visit to the region, to hide the living conditions of aboriginal community who had settled in the area after a historic walk-off from the Barma State Mission. Despite the well known folklore of the screen and extensive archival research, no image or literature could be discovered in the historical record. The work stands therefore as a fragment of a larger picture, based on the accounts of local elders and young art-students, who seek to express the comlexity of their relationship to this story.